Natalie Kristin

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As you explore the site, you’ll find Fashion Design Tutorials: our series of eBooks that provides fashion designers with easy to follow, fully illustrated step-by-step training in key apparel industry skills and fashion CAD software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Our training philosophy is that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or confused when learning something new. When the material is broken down into simple steps and exercises, and the examples are relevant to the fashion industry, learning can be fun and exciting. After all, you’re gaining valuable skills that will allow you to take your creativity and design talents to the next level!

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In our Videos section, you’ll discover additional training and tips! Follow along as we demonstrate important fashion design skills, like how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and give you our personal tips and tricks for making the most of these CAD programs in the apparel industry.

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Create accurate, detailed apparel sketches in minutes instead of hours with our collection of pre-sketched Adobe Illustrator CAD fashion tools, including: Fashion Sketch Templates, Vector Garment Accessories, Vector Fabric Swatches & Fashion Embellishments, and Adobe Illustrator Brushes and Sweater Brushes & Swatches.

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