Printable RGB Color Palette Swatches

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Color Library (Extended 1)Color Library (Extended 20)Color Library (Extended 42)Color Library (Extended 54)
Color Library (Extended 70)Color Library (Extended 83)Color Library (Small 2)Color Library (Small 15)
Color Library (Small 28)Color Library (Bright 1)Color Library (Bright 8)Color Library (Earthtones)
Color Library (Harmony Extended 10)Color Library (Harmony Extended 23)Color Library (Harmonies Small)Color Library (Pastels)


  • 150+ files in Illustrator and JPEG formats
  • 5000+ swatches with RGB values
  • 7 color libraries:
    • RGB Color (extended)
    • RGB Color (small)
    • Brights
    • Earth
    • Harmonies (extended)
    • Harmonies (small)
    • Pastel


Tired of constantly reprinting CAD designs to get the right colors, aren’t you? Our printable color library helps ensure correct color output when printing computerized designs. The library allows designers to accurately select artwork colors, reducing the chances of printer output discrepancies.

The cost of ink and paper used to repetitively print artwork for color accuracy adds up, especially if you’re printing from home! Investing in a printable color library will save you lots of money and pay for itself within a few months.


As Designers, CAD artists, and Graphic artists, we’ve all faced the frustration of spending hours creating CADs, presentation boards, pitch sheets, and textile designs only to discover that when printed, the colors on the printout do not accurately reflect the colors displayed on the monitor. Since color is a crucial element of design, we must re-color the artwork and keep printing until the color on the printout matches the chosen colors for the season. Not only is this an exhaustive, time consuming and expensive process, but it’s also like working backwards.

The fastest and most efficient method to match colors is to begin by printing a color library from the printer that will be used for your final output, then match the season’s colors to the swatches on the printed color library. Then input those colors to your computer files using RGB values so you will always know how your colors will look when printed. It sounds much easier because it is! Industry specific software actually comes with color libraries that you can print. Unfortunately, the most commonly used design programs in the industry: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop don’t come with printable color libraries!

Here is the good news: we’ve created our own printable color library for these Adobe programs that you can use to match your colors. Our color library contains over 150 pages containing over 5000 color swatches with corresponding RGB values based on Illustrator and Photoshop swatch libraries. The color library comes in Illustrator and JPEG formats and when printed, the library serves as an invaluable tool that allows you to accurately select artwork colors, reducing the chances of printer output discrepancies.


  • Contents: Adobe Illustrator and JPG files
  • Size: 66 MB (213 MB uncompressed)
  • Download Time: 5-25 minutes
  • Format: Compressed ZIP file
  • Uncompress PC: Automatic, double click or download the free Zip Reader if needed
  • Uncompress Mac: Automatic, double click or download the free StuffIt Expander if needed


Keep in mind that printing from Illustrator can differ from printing from Photoshop. Make sure that the files you work on are in RGB mode and that the print settings of your document match the print settings that you used to print the library. For example if the color library is printed in Standard mode but the document is printed in Fine mode, the colors will not match. If you switch printers you’ll need to re-print color library. It may seem like a hassle, but that is the nature of all color libraries out there. Your output color depends on your printer the same way your screen color depends on your monitor. If you print from Photoshop the colors will depend on the resolution of your document. So if you use 200 pixels, then your color library should be printed in the same 200 pixel resolution. By default, this library is set to 150 pixels. To change the resolution, go to “Image -> Image Size” and change to the desired resolution. Paper color and quality also affect the color output, so if you print color swatches on regular paper but your file on bright white paper, the outcome will be different.

To sum it up, the following impact your color output: color mode (ex. RGB vs CMYK), printer setting (ex. Standard vs Fine), file resolution (ex. 72px vs 200px) and paper (ex. bright vs plain).


  • Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later
  • Adobe Photoshop or similar for JPG files
  • Basic Adobe Illustrator and printing skills


  • If you need help or have any questions, please contact us through the form. We respond within 24 hours, usually much faster.


  • After purchase, you will receive two emails: your purchase receipt from PayPal and your download link from us.
  • If you don’t see our download email within minutes, please check your spam (junk mail) folder. If you still can’t find it, let us know.
  • Your purchase receipt will include an email and a phone number where we may be reached, depending on our availability in the Eastern US time zone.

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Printable RGB Color Swatches

Illustrator/JPEG files

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