Vector Garment Accessories

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Vector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment Accessories Vector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment Accessories Vector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment Accessories Vector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment AccessoriesVector Garment Accessories


  • 52 Buttons, Shanks, Snaps, Buttonhole designs (given in multiple sizes & coloring options)
  • 45 Zippers and Zipper pull designs (fully rendered in multiple coloring options)
  • 14 Rivets, Studs, Grommet designs (given in multiple sizes & coloring options)
  • 50 Buckles, D-Ring designs (given in multiple sizes & coloring options)
  • 74 Belts & Belt Sketch Templates (sketched flat & on garment for tops and bottoms)
  • 45 Sash belts, Tiebacks, Bows
  • 20 Lacings, Cascades
  • 19 Scarves, Neckties, Suspenders, Drawstrings
  • 58 Belt loops, Epaulettes, Fabric Tabs
  • 52 Clasps, Hook & Eyes, Toggles, Strap Adjusters, Frog Closure designs (given in multiple coloring options)
  • FREE Quick Live Color Tutorial PDF – learn how to quickly and precisely recolor sketches!


  • Just copy and paste pre-sketched fashion hardware and accessories into your Adobe Illustrator fashion sketches
  • All buttons, zippers, buckles, bows, etc. are fully rendered with fills
  • Quickly change sketch colors and create textile colorways in Adobe Illustrator using Live Color
  • All sketches are drawn to match the 1/8th scale of the fashion flat sketches in our Fashion Sketch Templates
  • Large variety of common and novelty garment accessories shown in multiple sizes and coloring options
  • Saves hours of tedious sketching time
  • Prevent communication errors with garment factories, patternmakers, buyers etc. by depicting apparel design details accurately
  • Instantly add a WOW factor to your apparel flat sketches, fashion CADs, and fashion design portfolios


DON’T WORK HARD: WORK SMART! Just copy & paste pre-sketched garment accessories into your fashion design drawings! Buttons, hook & eyes, zippers, clasps, buckles, belts, grommets etc. have become so much more than just functional parts of a garment – they are an important part of the apparel design itself. A simple change of buttons can be used to revamp an older garment design – making it a best seller for the current season. Likewise, the right buckle can give your garment a much-needed edge over a similar design from a competitor. So if fashion hardware is so important to a garment design, why do fashion designers draw their fashion sketches with generic indications of hardware and accessories? Any fashion designer in the apparel industry can tell you: Apparel designers just don’t have time to draw tedious hardware like zippers, grommets, and buttons. As fashion designers, we know that it’s important to have the right garment details in your apparel flat sketches and fashion CADs to correctly communicate your design ideas to factories, patternmakers, merchandisers, and buyers, so we’ve done all the tedious sketching for you! We’ve completely redeveloped our best selling “Vector Sketches: Garment Accessories” product to bring you Vector Garment Accessories: a pre-drawn collection of vector fashion hardware, including: buttons, snaps, zippers, zipper pulls, grommets, clasps, hook & eyes, belts, buckles, bows, lacing, epaulettes, belt loops, and even suspenders, drawstrings, neckties, and scarves! Now apparel designers can enjoy the best of both worlds – create detailed, accurate fashion flat sketches and fashion CADs, and save hours of precious time! The vector sketches in our Vector Garment Accessories product are in Adobe Illustrator format, so they are completely customizable for your design needs. All sketches are drawn to match the scale of our Fashion Sketch Templates, and are labeled so you’ll know exactly which sketches they correspond with. In addition, many sketches are shown in multiple sizes and coloring options, allowing you to spend less time sketching, and more time designing!


  • Contents: Adobe Illustrator and PDF files
  • Size: 22 MB
  • Download Time: 2-8 minutes
  • Format: Compressed ZIP file
  • Uncompress PC: Automatic, double click or download the free Zip Reader if needed
  • Uncompress Mac: Automatic, double click or download the free StuffIt Expander if needed


  • Copy & paste Vector Garment Accessories into your sketch file
  • Scale if needed (NOTE: all of the Vector Garment Accessories fit our Fashion Sketch Templates)
  • Keep in mind that using multiple accessories in a sketch can make your file quite large. To save memory, drag the accessory into the Symbols Palette in Illustrator. Then drag out of the palette to place in your artwork and scale as needed.


  • Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later
  • Basic Adobe Illustrator skills
  • Adobe Reader for the included bonus “Quick Live Color Tutorial” PDF


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Vector Garment Accessories

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