Fashion Sketch Templates

Having a library of pre-sketched seamless vector patterns is a fast and easy way for fashion CAD designers and apparel designers to render garment sketches with textile design repeats in Adobe Illustrator. And the Live Color feature makes it even easier for fashion designers to recolor swatches and create textile colorways. Designers can use precise RGB color values to customize any rendered pattern and Adobe Illustrator will automatically define a new swatch in the Swatches Panel for each new colorway! NOTE: Live Color can only be used to recolor vector swatches and artwork (not bitmaps).

Adobe Illustrator Live Color lets you create Easy Fashion Colorways. Like before, it’s a simple three step process:

  1. Step 1: Apply copied vector swatch to your sketch
  2. Step 2: Select color from printed color library
  3. Step 3: Enter RGB color value using Live Color