Fashion Sketch Templates

If you’re still joining paths and drawing closed shapes to fill your Adobe Illustrator fashion CADs (rendered apparel flat sketches) with colors and fabric patterns, you’re working way too hard! Since Adobe Illustrator introduced Live Paint in CS2, fashion designers have been able to render fashion CAD sketches with colors and textile patterns in just a few simple clicks- no joining needed! Check out the Quick Live Paint instructions included with our Fashion Sketch Templates to learn how to quickly render your garment flat sketches!

Joining paths is out, Live Paint is in! Fashion Sketch Templates give you step-by-step instructions for rendering CAD sketches fast with Live Paint. It’s a three step process:

  1. Make a copy of your sketch and delete all extra paths.
  2. Fill the sketch with Live Paint and make sure you Expand.
  3. Apply any patterns, modify and create colorways.

And now you’re done!