Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes and Swatches

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Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes (Sample 1 of 6)Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes (Sample 2 of 6)Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes (Sample 3 of 6)Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes (Sample 4 of 6)Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes (Sample 5 of 6)Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes (Sample 6 of 6)

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Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes - Sweater Cables 1Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes - Sweater Cables 2Adobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes - Sweater StitchesAdobe Illustrator Sweater Brushes - Lace / Eyelet (Pointelle)
Adobe Illustrator Sweater Swatches 1Adobe Illustrator Sweater Swatches 2Adobe Illustrator Sweater Swatches 3Adobe Illustrator Sweater Swatches 4


  • 61 Sweater Cable Brushes
  • 32 Pointelle / Lace / Eyelet Brushes
  • 26 Sweater Stitch Brushes
  • 48 Sweater Stitch Swatches

Based on 7GG 1/8 scale. Easily change size and color by simply adjusting the stroke.


    • To make it easy for sweater designers, we’ve created over 167 Illustrator sweater brushes and swatches for the most commonly used sweater design stitches! Our set includes cable stitches, jersey, purl, pointelle, sweater ribs, etc – basically everything you need to get those sweater design fashion sketches done in a snap!
    • Pre-made Vector brushes and swatches make it easy for sweater designers to draw detailed sweater design fashion sketches quickly and efficiently. Save hours of sketching time and quickly apply sweater stitches to your fashion design sketches with a single click!
    • Almost every sweater brush & swatch comes in 2 or more versions, giving you more design freedom to show various colors and textures. All brushes can be re-sized and re-colored by simply choosing the desired stroke weight or color.
    All Vector Sweater Brushes are drawn approximately at 1/8th scale (8x’s smaller than actual size), so it’s easy for you to create the correct cable/stitch proportions in your sweater designs. For example, a 1pt stroke weight will show a cable at 1/8th of its actual size. An 8pt stroke will show the same cable at its actual life size. So it’s easy for you draw your sweater sketches proportionately and show enlarged detail sketches as well!


Sweater design fashion sketches are some of the hardest to draw because of all the details in sweater designs. Usually fashion knits silhouettes are simple, but sketching stitch details and textures can be really time consuming, especially when you need to make fashion CAD drawings that are close to the actual design. To save time, many fashion sweater designers create Adobe Illustrator brushes and swatches to show cable stitches, pointelle, lace, crochet, rib etc… But, to make a good vector brush in Adobe Illustrator, you need to think of how to make it and how the brush works, then draw it, test, and adjust. The whole process of creating and drawing a perfect repeat of a sweater stitch can take hours, even if you’re good with Illustrator!


  • Contents: Adobe Illustrator files
  • Size: 6 MB
  • Download Time: 1-5 minutes
  • Format: Compressed ZIP file
  • Uncompress PC: Automatic, double click or download the free Zip Reader if needed
  • Uncompress Mac: Automatic, double click or download the free StuffIt Expander if needed


  • In Adobe Illustrator, click FILE -> OPEN to open the Sample page for the desired brush set. Strokes of each brush, and fill samples of each swatch are displayed on the pages.
  • Copy the stroke with the desired brush, or copy the fill with the desired swatch, and paste it into the document with your artwork.
  • The pasted brush/swatch will automatically be added to the Brushes or Swatches panel and will be saved with the document.


  • Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later
  • Basic Adobe Illustrator skills


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Adobe Illustrator
Sweater Knits Brushes
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167 knits brushes and swatches

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