3D Female Fashion Figures can be used to fashion sketch in multiple ways

Option 1 Sketch your own fashion croqui in 5 easy steps


Option 2 Using 3D fashion figure quickly sketch design ideas using in accurate proportions that can be converted into dynamic flat fashion sketches.

3D based flat fashion sketches

Optio 3 (left) and Option 4 (right) Outline fashion figure to create fashion illustration or use it AS IS for dimensional fashion look

3D based fashion sketch

(preview images)


  • 115 3D real-proportion female fashion figures
  • Basic and Dynamic Action poses
  • 28 Poses—Each pose available in Front,  ¾ -Side, and Back view
  • PNG format 200 ppi Resolution – compatible with almost all software and supported by all tablets
  • Transparent background for easy layering in fashion portfolios and presentations


  • Live drawing at your fingertips with realistic 3D fashion figures!
  • Draw your own library of original croquis with realistic fashion figure templates
  • Quickly sketch design ideas in accurate proportions that can later be converted to flat sketches and CADs
  • Easily design and demonstrate placement of prints, embroidery, apparel graphics, and other embellishments on the human form from all angles!
  • Realistic figure proportions allow for accurate designs that will flatter the body when worn
  • Create clear visuals of your designs that are easy for buyers, patternmakers, and sample rooms to understand, and envision how actual garment will look
  • Aesthetically attractive 3D Fashion Figures can be used as-is for fashion portfolios and presentations
  • Digital PNG Format ideal for freehand, computer, or tablet designing!
  • Add makeup and hair to customize the look
  • Full female figure, perfect for lingerie or swimwear designers


The search for fashion figure references is over!
Fashion designers no longer need to struggle to find good reference images to create original croquis and design sketches. We’ve developed our innovative 3D Fashion Figures using realistic models in a variety of poses from different angles to provide a true life drawing experience at your fingertips!

About 3D Fashion Figures
In fashion school, students are taught how to sketch fashion figures by studying a live model, but what do designers use to develop fashion croquis and study the human form outside of the classroom?

Specialized fashion figure books are hard to find, and can cost over $100. Photos from fashion magazines or online images of models often cover much of the body; or don’t show the full body, making it difficult to draw accurate fashion figures, let alone design on them. So we’ve created an affordable, high quality set of realistic fashion poses that can serve as an invaluable reference for fashion illustration!

A Variety of Poses, from Every Angle!
Several years in the making, we carefully developed a collection of 3D Fashion Figures to serve as a fashion drawing reference for designers. Our 3D Fashion Figure Templates include realistic female figures in a variety of basic fashion poses, as well as more dynamic action poses. Each pose is shown in Front, Side, 3/4, and Back view. All fashion figure poses are rendered in realistic figure proportions, demonstrating true to life body movement, lighting, and shadows; giving designers the next best thing to live model access!

Sketch Original Fashion Croquis
Now you can create your own collection of original croquis in your own sketch style. Quickly draw design ideas in accurate proportions that can later be converted to flat sketches and CADs.

Especially helpful for Lingerie and Swimwear designers, our 3D Fashion Figure Templates show the full female figure without pre-sketched undergarments. Each figure template serves as a blank canvas, just waiting for your designs! Plus, all figures are aesthetically attractive, so you can proudly showcase them in presentations and use as a unique element in your fashion portfolio!

Compatible Digital Format
All 3D Fashion Figure Templates are high quality PNG format files with transparent backgrounds, so they are compatible with just about any computer software or tablet app! Print as many copies as you need for freehand fashion drawing!


  • Contents: PNG Files
  • Size: 71.9MB
  • Download Time: 2-20 minutes
  • Format: Compressed ZIP file
  • Uncompress PC: Automatic, double click or download the free Zip Reader if needed
  • Uncompress Mac: Automatic, double click or download the free StuffIt Expander if needed


Open the desired pose in design software of your choice and create a new layer to begin sketching design ideas! We love Adobe Photoshop on the computer, and Procreate on the tablet!

When printing physical copies of 3D Fashion Figure Poses for fashion portfolio or presentations, first print a test file to see if the colors need adjusting. If you need help with adjusting image colors, see our Free Photoshop Video Tutorial: (link here)


Compatible with any software that supports PNG images (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)


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3D Fashion Figures

115 3D Fashion Figure Templates

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