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  • Fashion Sketch How to Instructions (PDF)
  • Quick Live Paint Rendering How To: READ for best results
  • 36 Tops / Shirts Bodies (Woven, Knits, & Sweaters)
  • 31 Jackets / Outerwear Bodies
  • 35 Pants Bodies
  • 23 Skirts Bodies
  • 26 Dress Bodies
  • 120 Dress / Skirt Sweeps & Gathers
  • 182 Sleeves
  • 290+ Collars, Necklines, Plackets, Hoods
  • 330+ Pockets
  • 255+ Garment Details (princess lines, darts, belt loops, yokes, waistbands, epaulettes, cuffs, etc.)


We've taken care of the tedious and technical side of fashion drawing, so you can spend your time on creative illustrations and fashion designing!

Fast and Easy Fashion Sketching
Say you need to draw apparel sketches for your design portfolio, fashion line, or presentation board, but you'd rather spend more time drawing fashion illustrations than sketching tedious flats. If you've read our "Well Put Together" career article, or if you're already a fashion designer, you know that apparel flat sketches are essential in the fashion industry and in your fashion portfolio. But don't you wish there was a way to sketch them faster so you could spend more time fashion designing?

Welcome to fashion drawing made easy! We've pre-drawn tons of apparel design sketches in Adobe Illustrator format, so that YOU won't have to! Our to-scale fashion sketch templates contain everything apparel designers need for quick sketching of just about any fashion design idea you can think of! Kind of like paper dolls for fashion drawing: just grab the body template you want and pair it with collars, sleeves, pockets, waistbands, and other fashion details to "draw" your fashion designs. And with over 1,300 fashion sketch templates to choose from, the design possibilities are endless!


Many new fashion designers don't realize that drawing fashion design flats is way more important than drawing fashion illustrations. However, in the apparel industry, flat sketches & CADs are vital from fashion designing through production!

The problem is, the fashion industry is so fast-paced, designers rarely have enough time for basic fashion sketching, not to mention drawing more interesting design elements like style lines and novelty details. We created this set of vector apparel sketch templates to help fashion designers spend less time drawing fashion sketches, so they can spend more time actually designing!

About Fashion Sketch Templates
Fashion Sketch Templates contains vector flat sketches of apparel bodies (shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, etc.) and matching garment details (sleeves, collars, pockets, waistbands etc.). These vector fashion sketches templates are drawn in easily editable Adobe Illustrator format, and sketched to-scale. Each fashion sketching template is made to fit with one another so you can simply mix and match apparel sketches to quickly draw your fashion design ideas.

Designing with Fashion Drawing Templates
All apparel industry standard illustrations included in these Fashion Sketch Templates are drawn with true length proportions at approximately 1/8th scale (8x's smaller than actual size). At 1/8th scale, 1 grid square = 1 inch, so it's easy to sketch design details based on real dimensions. For example: to draw a 20" long skirt, just count 20 grid squares on your screen. (Width proportions are slightly slimmed to meet most fashion drawing aesthetics). Enlarging apparel sketches to show accurate artwork layouts and detail sketches is very simple: Let's say you're drawing a neck embellishment that is 7" wide, simply scale the artwork 8x's (800%) to create the actual size artwork for your factories. You can also place multiple apparel sketches on a CAD presentation board or fashion portfolio page without worrying about resizing them to the same scale! These fashion drawing templates are also perfectly compatible with our Sweater Brushes and Swatches, which are also drawn at 1/8th scale.


  • Contents: Adobe Illustrator files and PDF files
  • Size: 20 MB
  • Download Time: 2-8 minutes
  • Format: Compressed ZIP file
  • Uncompress PC: Automatic, double click or download the free Zip Reader if needed
  • Uncompress Mac: Automatic, double click or download the free StuffIt Expander if needed


  • Create a new document - this is where you will "draw" your fashion sketches.
  • Open a Body file (ex. Tops Bodies, Pants Bodies) and select the body sketch of your choice along with any corresponding details you wish to use (ex. sweep, waistband, cuffs). Copy the selected body sketch and Paste it onto the new document.
  • Now open a detail file (ex. Sleeves, Collars, Garment Details) and select the desired apparel detail(s). Copy/Paste the selected detail into the document with your body sketch and place the apparel detail in its' appropriate position over the body.
  • Continue adding garment details until you're happy with the design. Now your fashion sketch is complete!
(Detailed illustrated instructions are included)


  • Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later
  • Adobe Reader for the instructions PDF


While these fashion sketching templates make it easier for you to draw fashion design sketches and will save you hours of sketching time, it is NOT intended as a substitution for knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator! We highly recommend being comfortable with the following Illustrator tools and basic skills before using our Fashion Sketch Templates:
    • Adding, Subtracting, & Converting anchor points
    • Using the Selection, Direct Selection, & Group Selection tools appropriately to select, move, adjust, & delete paths/objects
    • Copying & Pasting selections
    • Grouping & Ungrouping objects
    • Working with Layers
    • Arranging Stacking Order: (Bring Forward, Send Backward etc.)
    • Changing Fill & Stroke colors
    • Scaling, Rotating, & Reflecting objects
    • Reflecting objects using the Transform Panel
    • Aligning and Distributing objects using the Align Panel
    • Cutting paths using the Scissor tool
    • Rendering Sketches (Quick Live Paint Tutorial included)
If you need to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, or need to brush up on the skills listed above, see our Adobe Illustrator for the Fashion Industry eBook.


  • If you need help or have any questions, please contact us through the form. We respond within 24 hours, usually much faster.


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Fashion Sketch Templates
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